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Tooth Whitening

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Cosmetic dental work for teeth whitening, bridge work & replacing decayed teeth


Breast Surgery

Breast Size

Breast Surgery UK

Designer implants to increase breast size, fullness and restoring proportion


Facial Surgery

Rhinoplasty & Face Lifts

Facial Surgery UK

Facial surgery to reduce fine lines eliminate eye bags, straighten noses & pin back ears


Cosmetic Dentistry

Smiling Women - White Smile Discover how to replace Dentures with Permanent Implants with our short Form

Cosmetic Dentistry is more than just dental surgery as the overall cosmetic process aims to restore your teeth back to their natural whiteness strength and beauty by enhancing the natural appearance of your smile and creating symmetry while filling gaps

Popular Dental Procedures

Information about Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Cosmetic Dentistry helps correct problems that can affect self-confidence & makes it possible to have a natural & more appealing smile without needing removable dentures

Teeth Whitening & Stain Removal
Unlike surface plaque; many staining compounds from food,drink & smoking penetrate the outer enamel layers causing permanent teeth staining that can’t be removed by brushing or dental scraping

Teeth Whitening Compounds
Several whitening compounds are available that penetrate the outer layers to destroy the staining compounds and restore teeth back to their natural whiteness

Straightening Teeth with Invisible or Clear Braces
Instead of using obtrusive, traditional metal braces to gently move teeth into a new position for better alignment; an invisible-clear brace will also alter tooth position but only you have to know you’re wearing a brace

White Fillings
Dental fillings are usually the grey-black silver amalgam fillings that can be easily seen; white fillings help conceal the presence of filled tooth cavities for a more natural smile

Chipped Tooth Repairs
The white filling compound sticks well to the tooth surface so can help rebuild & disguise small tooth chips without using a dental veneer

Porcelain Veneers
Teeth Veneers are made from a glass hard, extremely thin porcelain section that has been coloured to match your existing teeth
Instead of grinding your teeth to accomodate the veneer; veneers are fixed to your existing teeth for a long-lasting natural appearance

Titanium Implants for Crown & Bridgework
Titanium implants screw into the bone and permit fresh bone to form a repair around the implant for an incredibly strong fixing for gap filling and caps
Instead of using removable dentures; a titanium implant can permanently fix crowns or bridges for a natural looking reconstruction

Replacement Crowns & Filling Teeth Gaps
After removing damaged or decayed teeth; the gap is normally left or replaced with an artificial tooth on a palate
Replacing crowns and filling gaps with a fixed implant or cap over the remaining part of the tooth avoids needing a removable palate

Bridges: Filling Major Teeth Gaps
Where one or more teeth need to be removed or replaced; the gap can be filled or bridged by creating two anchor fixing points to allow a "bridge" that can be joined your natural teeth, crowns or between 2 anchoring implants for a permanent repair that avoids the need for a removable denture

UK: Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)

Rhinoplasty or "Nose Jobs" alter the shape of the nose:

Nose Profile UK Rhinoplasty (Nose Jobs)